M.u.d.d.o.g has found a new home at Westerdok Ceramic.
Situated at the Westerdok in the centre of Amsterdam this 300 m2 studio houses the studios of both m.u.d.d.o.g (Petra Harzing) and Laurent Muller.

In addition I offer 7 affordable fully equipped flex-studios for ceramic makers who are in need of a supervised space where they can enhance their skills and work towards a more professional level of ceramics. This way we will work together to bring crafts and makers back to the centre of the city.

For those who are new to pottery or are looking for more skills on the wheel, I offer 4 throwing courses per week. By keeping the groups small with a maximum of 4 students, I can focus more on each student's needs and make sure they get the most out of their 8 lessons.

Every Friday from 16.30 - 19.30 it's Meet the Maker. The studios are open to the public to talk to the makers, look around and who knows purchase a piece you really fancy.



Westerdok 318
1013 BH Amsterdam


Laurent Muller and Petra Harzing founded Westerdok Ceramic together

Laurent & Petra

founders Westerdok Ceramic

Adres Westerdok Ceramic

The floorplan in Westerdok is based on Centre Pompidou. All the studios are based in the middle and facilities like sinks and wedging tables are on the perimeter consequently maximising the space and brightness of the studio.


One of Urban Resort's Broedplaats Ateliers

  • Personal Studio Rent

    Rent a personal studio for 6 months or more. Different rent options available.

  • Throwing Classes

    My next round of classes will start August 29.
    Classes of 8 weeks with 4 students max.
    You can also try a private or trial class(both max 2 people).

The m.u.d.d.o.g collection

Look around for a colourful unique piece